What is the New Scotland Soccer Club?


The New Scotland Soccer Club, Inc. (NSSC, Inc.) was established in 1984 to provide an opportunity for the children of the Town of New Scotland and the Voorheesville School District to learn to play the awesome game of soccer on a competitive level!  The NSSC, Inc. is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors and Officers who manage the operations of the Club, and teams are coached by volunteer coaches from the community.


NSSC, Inc. primarily sponsors teams for the Spring Travel Soccer season, but also sponsors Fall Travel Soccer teams, Winter Training Academies, and a Summer Soccer Camp.


What is our philosophy?


We believe in developing players over the long term.  We believe that this requires that players play equal time at younger age groups and that they play all positions in the early years.  This means that we don’t believe in winning at all costs. In the younger age groups winning is not important.  Not that we don’t like to win, but development is paramount. We believe that players need to develop ball skills as youngsters, and that a significant portion of each practice should be devoted to this.  We believe in making practices fun, interesting, and challenging.


Who are our coaches?


Many of our volunteer coaches are parents of young players, and most of our coaches are trained and licensed with the Capital District Youth Soccer League (CDYSL), the Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association (ENYYSA), the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), and/or the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA).


What is travel soccer? How far away do the teams travel?


NSSC teams have practices and home games locally (generally at the Voorheesville High School satellite fields) and compete in games against teams from other member clubs of the Capital District Youth Soccer League (CDYSL). The CDYSL’s geographic region covers the Capital Region, southern Adirondacks and the northern Hudson Valley. Our games are generally within about 1 hour from Voorheesville (most closer). The specific teams within each division are determined by CDYSL, usually based on geography and similar levels of competition.


When does the spring travel soccer season run?


Practices generally begin in late March, and games begin about the third week in April and run through the end of June.


How often and when (what nights) are games and practices?


We expect a commitment of 3 days/evenings per week for practices and games throughout the season. Before the games begin, most coaches will hold 3 practices per week (two weeknights and one weekend day). Once the season begins, each team will often have 2 games and 1 practice per week. Most divisions have games on Sunday afternoons as well as one weeknight (the weeknights vary for each division). Practice schedules are established by individual team coaches after consultation with parents, and depend on the availability of practice space.


Who is eligible to play? How old do children have to be? Do they have to know how to play soccer?


Any boy or girl who wants to learn to play competitive soccer is eligible!  Depending on the individual child, a player may begin to play soccer with us when he or she is about 6 or 7 years old.  Children do not need to already know how to play soccer; we’re here to help them learn!


While all players are eligible to play on an NSSC, Inc. team, players who reside within the Town of New Scotland or attend the Voorheesville schools will be given preference over others in filling rosters, provided they have registered with the Club by the registration deadline.


U8? U10? U12?  What does this mean?


The CDYSL organizes its divisions based on age groups, and NSSC, Inc. strives to sponsor teams in as many age groups as possible, generally ranging from U8 (under 8 years old) to U19 (under 19).  U8 is a coed division; all other divisions have separate boys and girls teams.


The “soccer year” begins August 1st, and the age divisions for the travel soccer seasons are determined based on the child’s age on August 1st prior to the given season.  For example, if your daughter is 7 years old on August 1, 2013, she will register for the Under 8 (U8) division for Spring 2014, even if she has her 8th birthday before the Spring season begins.


My son/daughter already knows how to play soccer. Can he/she be put on a team with older, more experienced players?


Players are required to register at their appropriate age level, but they may request to be considered for a different age level. Final decisions on the placement of players on teams will be made by the NSSC, Inc. Board of Directors in consultation with the coaches, and will be made in the best interests of the Club.


What about tournaments?


The NSSC, Inc. encourages coaches to participate in one or more tournaments during the season. Participation is scheduled by the coaches of each team based on availability of coaches and players.


How can I help?


We’re all volunteers, and we’re happy to have more help! If you have experience and/or enthusiasm, volunteer to be a coach or assistant coach! We can help you get training. Or contact us if there are other ways you’d like to get involved!


How can I find out more?


For more information, see the New Scotland Soccer Club, Inc. website (www.newscotlandsoccer.com) or contact:  Prince Knight, President, NSSC, Inc. at PKnight@newscotlandsoccer.com or (518) 861-5870.